Brain Health

Brain and Mental Health Services

Anxiety, depression, memory loss, PTSD…

Our brains control our bodies and our thoughts. The human brain is a highly contextual system of chemical and electrical activity with around 100 billion neurons that are constantly connecting and firing. Our brains are designed to function in a balanced, responsive state: to adapt to changes in our bodies and environments with relative ease.

But when something goes wrong with the brain, the whole body suffers. There are many conditions that can impact brain and mental health. Genetics, environmental exposure, severe illness, trauma, chronic stress, malnutrition and more can cause the brain to malfunction, sending the wrong signals.

In an ideal situation, the brain will self-correct and repair the imbalance. However, this often doesn’t happen. Instead, the neurons misfire and the body reacts to the incorrect signals.

Mental illnesses, stress disorders, and chronic sickness often result. Here at the Karlfeldt Center, we believe that the health of the mind and the soul are inextricably linked to physical health. As such, we treat the brain as well as the body, focusing on therapies that can assist the body in correcting mental imbalances as well as therapies that can heal dysfunctional neurons.

Neurofeedback addresses problems of brain dysregulation, or imbalance. Neurofeedback monitors brain activity and trains the brain to function more efficiently and return to a balanced state.